Perks of a 360 Video Booth (360 Photo Booth) at your Houston Wedding.

A 360 video booth can add a lot to your wedding.

While you might have thought photo booths were a thing of the past, a lot of couples are now including them in their wedding festivities. If you’ve been thinking about hiring one for your wedding, here are some reasons why you definitely should:

Fun for everyone

It’s safe to say that everyone loves getting in front of a camera and goofing off with friends, family, and loved ones. It gives all guests—younger and older alike—the chance to let loose, get silly, and make some crazy memories they can reflect on.

A keepsake

Whether you set up a guest book or not, having a 360 video booth will give guests something to take home with them at the end of the night. The booth operator can send the videos via email or SMS so everyone can share their fun videos online!

Low-maintenance entertainment

One of the best things about having a 360 video booth at your wedding is that it doesn’t require any extra work from you. You won’t have to worry about sending out party favors or finding ways to keep guests entertained because the real fun starts when people get on top of the booth! No one will even remember there was no DJ…trust us. It’s an icebreaker. One reason why 360 video booths are so popular is that they help break down social barriers between those who might not know each other very well—like distant relatives and mutual friends who normally don’t hang out together. Getting into tight quarters with others helps loosen up tensions and breaks down the awkwardness people feel around each other.

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